What’s the darn secret to weight loss, anyway?

It’s not supplements, teas, or juice cleanses.

The secret lies in your systems- or day to day habits.

Do you make working out and eating healthier easier or more difficult for yourself? If you’re a morning workout person, do you lie your workout clothes the night before? Do you plan out your meals each week?

Don’t make life harder than it has to be.

Make a plan!

Which days will you workout? What time? By yourself or with a friend/partner?

Success doesn’t happen by accident. Plan out in painful detail how you will execute your goals.

Meal prep hack:

Protein: prep 3-4 different protein sources. To mindfully get your micronutrients I typically choose 1 red meat, 1 fish/seafood, and 2 other protein sources (egg white bites, chicken breast, ground turkey, chicken thighs etc).

Carbs: prep potatoes, rice, beans, quinoa, spaghetti squash, ‘smoothie bags’: dice desired fruit into ziplock bags and freeze for easy grab-and-go smoothies.

Fats: keep a variety of nuts, seeds, nut butters, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil and butter handy.

You don’t have to portion your meals out in advance if you don’t want to, but having food prepped and ready to go will make your life a lot easier. I typically portion everything each night, depending on what I’m in the mood for. My prep usually takes 1-2 hours total, reducing the amount of time I have to spend cooking and cleaning during the week immensely.

Another note is to check your mindset. I look at meal prep and exercise planning as a gift. It streamlines my routine, so I can get the most out of my day, and therefore, my life.